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Default Re- estimating ....

so I started on the 7th in the end after a lot of chaos at home.
I've just weighed my self after the week and have lost 2.5 lbs- not a lot, but its a start
I may have been slightly wishful thinking trying to lose a stone in a month so I have made a new plan to try and do it across a longer period of time....
I've broken it down in to smaller targets so hopefully this will work - one small step at a time
Start= 134lbs
(after 2 weeks)
Target 1 = 129lbs
so I'm at the half way mark and I've hit the 2.5lbs
I haven't even been able to hit the gym as much as I would of liked so there's room for improvement! 2.5 lbs from just healthy eating ! Not too bad
So if I keep this up and go to the gym I'm hoping I'll hit my first target !

My final goal being 119lbs by October 1st (ish )

jonjaxmom- I know what you mean by the excuses ! I'm the same but I realized once I made it a part of my routine, It wasn't so bad. so stick at it ... I see your close to your goal (y) All the best
Start weight= 134llbs (7th Aug 2012)
Goal weight= 119lbs (1st Oct 2012) (ish)
weight now= 131.5 (14th Aug 2012)

weight loss so far= 2.5lbs
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