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Where has the month gone??? Hi Nita and Tracey and everyone!

It has been BLISTERING hot here, 40c with humidity, and we have not been functioning well at all for over 6 weeks, it is so hot we have actually had a successful crop of canteloupe..we have 7 so far! I have been grateful for the Olympics being on as my tongue was sick for 10 days and I was too weak to sit up, I lay in bed and watched sport
the entire time. I am Fine now and ready to get back to my morning walks tomorrow, my husband and dog will be pleased.

I have been taking liberties with my eating and have gained weight as a result of no exercise for weeks and weeks. This often happens to me in summer with our extreme temperature shifts.

Tonight is fish and boiled potatoes with mint peas..back to the grind! LOL

Nita I have thought of you this summer, I am hoping your soggy beginning opened up to drier skies and good gardening for you and your family...hahaha or for you, anyway! I know your husband has romantic ideas of you gardening the allotment , I just hope after all that work you are getting something delicious out of it

It is almost time to make dinner so I think I will lay out my walking clothes for the morning so there are no excuses for setting forth in a timely manner at 7:30 a.m

Hopefully this finds all in a state of good health!


Xoxo Nancy
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