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Welcome mabyerly,
I am so glad you found us. It is really about taking the steps you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of you life.

Most of us start with little steps at first, things that are fairly easy to accomplish and make a habit (or break a habit) of. For lots of us it was increasing water consumption and decreasing soda (or in my case, ahem! beer ). It will take several weeks of conscientiously remembering to drink water, but after a while it will become much more of a habit. Then move on to the next thing. Try your best to avoid getting impatient with yourself and the process. We're talking about long term changes, not "30 lbs in 3 weeks" and then back to the old habits.

FitDay will provide you with lots of tools to look at your habits closely, identify the ones that are not contributing to a health lifestyle, and then track your progress as you make the changes that will be with you for the rest of your long, healthy & happy life.

There is tons of wisdom, advise, and opportunity for the occassional rant here . So jump on in the water is fine.
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