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Default Is it being obsessive or good planning?

I've made a life change decision about 7 years ago to loose the extra weight and keep it off. So far, I consider myself to have been successful with that. At 5'6" I'm down to 148lbs, 65lbs lost and still gone!
Although I'm not at the weight I want to be at and I have my yo-yo moments, but for the most part, I'm steady. I give most of this credit to logging what I eat and maintaining an active lifestyle. I run on average 6 mi. in a session and weight lift for about half hr.
My issue is when I tell my friends or people I meet how I acheived my goal and what I did, I'm referred to as being obsessed with it. I'm very concious of what I eat & could tell you the calorie count of a Hershy's kiss (20). Is this being obsessive?? is offline   Reply With Quote