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Originally Posted by incognitii View Post
Greetings, all... I'm a 54 yo male, mostly sedentary for most of my life, who woke up one day to find that he weighed 262. Mortified is a mild way of putting it. So, I decided to do something about it.

I started walking... 3-3.5mph.. brisk... with the goal of keeping my heartrate over 130 for at least 300 minutes per week. I cut way back on diet soda (I was a hopeless addict... drinking sometimes a gallon+ per day), and drink almost all water now. I also changed my diet to cut out sugar and to conform to the South Beach Phase 2 or at least Phase 3 standards.

Now... after walking 30 straight days... 4.5 miles per day... I weighed myself again (same scales), and found that I had lost a whopping 1 lb.

I told my wife to hide the knives and sharp instruments. I battled through that month... hurt almost constantly, exhausted pretty much continuously, but I did it. Now, I've bumped up my routine to 6 miles per day, and I'm getting more serious about the diet aspect, maintaining a quasi Phase I/Phase II regimen.

Any advice? Comments? Am I doing this all wrong?
I agree with Catebert- take all your measurements! They will reflect what you are doing just as much as the scale. When I have a slow loss month I can look back at those old numbers and have something to motivate me through that "ARGH" phase. I lose weight slowly and I have yet to lose weight in the time frame that mathematically works. So I just know I WILL do it. I can't set it into a deadline, because frankly, for me, life doesn't work that way. "You should lose 1-2 pounds per week." I laugh every time I see that.

I don't know how frequently you weigh yourself. I weigh and log every day at the same time of day. I fluctuate about 2 pounds up and down every week. Some people have told me this would drive them bonkers. To me, seeing those fluctuations are good, they keep it in perspective. Eventually the high number disappears and a new low number starts showing up... Then I count that high number as a pound lost.
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