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Originally Posted by JaimeMWS View Post
It seems like when I start to lose weight and get fit, at first I am carried by excitement. There are these positive changes in energy. Then I hit some kind of psychological wall of resistance to further change. And there are feelings of sadness that are surfacing. I don't know if this is physiological resistance, or if the emotions that I have kept "stuffed under" with my sugar/carb addiction are starting to surface.

Have others experienced this?
Yes, I hit that place about 20 pounds ago. I had to work it out. I worked it out with, what for me at the time, was a huge fitness goal. It wasn't grueling, I merely walked 100 fitness miles in 45 days. And during those walks I walked alone, no headphones, just me and me... and I sorted through all my mental garbage. I talked to myself, sometimes, even out loud. And I got through my hang-ups. I imagine therapy would have done the same but it didn't burn as many calories...
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