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Day 8 - what is your workout routine?

I walk everyday, either to or from work or appointments. When I started loosing weight a month and a half ago my fitness was on the floor, I'm asthmatic and I smoked. I stopped smoking two months ago and that has really helped. After a month and a half of walking I have seen massive progress in my fitness, on monday I did four miles in an hour!

I work two jobs and I'm also studying full time at University so there are times when I am incredibly busy and I feel shattered, it is at these times the walking slips, my body feels like there is nothing left and I am often fighting the exhaustion to get through the day and do everything I need to do. I take comfort that both of my jobs are physically active so at least that is something. In the quieter times I also do the Tracy Anderson mat work out and I love to swim.

In the past when I have had a couple of weeks off work and Uni in the summer I have started health kicks, but when I started back at uni and working they slipped. This time I have kept it going for longer and am determined that no matter how busy or tired I get I will keep treating my body right
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