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Checking in, ladies. Glad to see all of you holding steady and moving on! Been very busy shame on me for not being more focused!

Still hovering in the same area. 145 this morning. Sure am getting pretty good at practicing maintenance! LOL

But really, just 4 pounds to go and I will be at a normal BMI. I've been looking at that goal number since December 30th and I AM SO CLOSE! I think I am actually afraid to hit goal. Otherwise I'd be there already, right? Subconsciously I think I keep telling myself that once I hit goal I can only go up or something stupid like that? I cant figure it out. I am eating great, and making excuses for not exercising that frankly, are quite lame.

Maybe some of you can relate to this and help kick my head into focus. I am thrilled that I have figured out how to eat and maintain. But really, the goal is within reach. NOEXCUSES!!!!!! aaaaahhhh! I've been reading a lot of the maintenance threads in the hopes it will help too.

I will get there....we all will get there....patience is a virtue... mom always says dont play ball in the house!

Have a nice weekend ladies, talk to you soon and here's to making great choices!
Chris S.
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