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Thanks Kathy and krms for your support!

Last night was my first official meeting and weigh in with the Optifast program through Kaiser. I'm going to update my numbers with Kaiser's weigh in weight and begin from there. I noticed I weigh differently on the various scales (with significant differences). My doctor's office, my home scale, and now at Kaiser's meeting last night weigh me with at least a 5 lb weight difference... frustrating.. but I guess if I stick to one I'll be able to accurately track my weight loss.

There are about 10 members in my group, all at various stages of the program. Before the meeting actually begins everyone gets weighed in privately then waits in the waiting room. When that's all done we convene for the group meeting. There are topics each meeting and I received a weight loss / healthy eating bound book that the group just began reading last week. We also receive a handout each week which they ask we keep in a notebook for reference. Last night all, except the newbies, talked about what worked for them to help them stay on the plan. It was very helpful. The support is nice and reminds you it can be done.

At the end of the meeting I received a bag of my food for the week plus a gift of a shaker and a pedometer. Let the fun begin! lol

Starting today I will be having 3 Optifast meal replacements (shakes or bars) and then a regular dinner with no more than 300 calories. I find that I'm most hungry as my day winds down so my plan is to have:
Breakfast- a Shake
Morning snack - carrots and a 1/2 apple
Lunch - Shake
Afternoon Snack - 1/2 apple + carrots
When I get home from work - a Choc Peanut Butter Bar
Dinner - 300 cal dinner (protein + vegies).

I'll see how that works for today.

I will keep posting in here and share how it's going.

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