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I'm sure I can come up with a better answer, but my first thought was Lean Cuisines (or other varieties). At least for the job with a fridge and microwave. Some of those frozen meals are pretty filling and tasty.

Also, if you have time to cook on the weekend you can make large quantities of things like vegetarian chili or soup and freeze it in single serving containers. Then just defrost, bring to work and reheat.

As for the place that doesn't have a fridge. I would go with fresh veggies and salads. As long as you don't place it directly in the sun, it will last just fine without being in the fridge. I would skip the creamy dressings and go for something like balsamic vinegar or an italian, as it will last better out of the fridge.

My other suggestions would be snack type things (almonds, fiber bars, beef jerky, apple sauce, etc.) but you said you weren't looking for that, right?
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