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Eating healthier foods doesn't have to be more expensive, start comparing the price of a chocolate bar to a piece of fruit that is in season, I look for what is cheapest, shop when the sales are on and keep an eye out for things that can be frozen like lean meats and chicken. sugar, salt and all the flavourings in junk food is addictive IMO and it can be difficult at first to realise that your body runs much better on healthier alternatives. Frozen vegies are often cheaper too and they are just as nutritious. Canned tuna is my best friend, I buy both the plain in spring water, and the low fat flavoured versions. I eat eggs a couple of times a week, I only drink water, tea and coffee (with fat free milk). Start small and build up, I began by cutting out soft drinks, then I moved to adding more vegies and eating some fruit each day. Over time I adjusted more and more until I felt ready to really take the plunge and make some bigger changes. Good luck!
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