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Originally Posted by botoepfer View Post
Today my fasting blood sugar was 109 , it was as high as 137. , my blood pres. was 118/76 ( medicated) when before it was 135/95 ( medicated)

I am able to use the second hole in my new belt comfortably. still have ankle knee and hip pain after working in the shop all day but I know it will get better,

Friday I go to the Dr. for lab work and then back on the 14th to review,
I have to work more exercise into the day, I miss it.

I am thankful for all of you and for the person or persons who put this great site up. I am sure in my life it was time to do this but this place and its people make me accountable,
I mean it !

Bo that is AWESOME! So great to see successes, especially when they are clearly reflected in improve health. Keep up the great work. I suspect your labs will be equally positive.

And yes, I am sure the joint pain will diminish with your weight. I can't wait to see the post the day you realize you were on your feet all day and still feel good!
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