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i quit smoking in february of this year, and it was at the same time that i was just starting trying to make changes with my eating. i did successfully lose weight during my quit process. i think a big part of it was that i was aware of the fact that when many people quit they turn to eating to keep their hands and mouth busy. i tried to not give in to my sweet tooth cravings and things like that, and instead i tried to have healthy things to eat like fruits during those times. but mostly i just checked in with my i want to eat because i'm actually hungry or is it because i'm anxious and need something to keep me busy? i was really strict with myself about logging everything and staying within my calorie range each day. good luck to you! i feel a million times better now that i stopped, and i'm so happy i was finally able to kick the habit (i used chantix to help me quit).
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