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icewithin and JaimeMWS,

first to Icewithin in one or a few of my older post I had focused alot on getting to the goal weight, nothing would make me loose focus on that , but when I got there I thought it would all take care of it self, I was so wrong!.. as I lost over 80 lbs three times in my life,, the celebrations are not "partys' but just an atta boy for me!. and I find it boosts my outlook for the next goal. again this is what works for me

JaimeMWS, I have shared the all or nothing attutude and when I would find myself in an eating spot, I would make bad choices and think Oh well I blew it, now I take it as a challenge and I make the best possible choice, and I am happier with it!,

so in short I feel it is needed to celebrate our little victories, as it helps build our ability to fight !

All t he best Bo
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