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Originally Posted by Icewithin View Post
Having seen this thread I have just realised that I have lost 31lb without celebrating one single goal on the way there. I have been so focused on getting to the end and I still have 49lb to go before I get there.

I never celebrated anything, getting a personal trainer and completing my sessions, getting a gym membership, completing a full month of sessions, losing 31lb, not a thing. I have been so focused on beating myself up because I didn't get to the goal weight before my wedding or because I didn't manage to complete a particular exercise within my training sessions.

Hmmm I think I should really celebrate some of these smaller achievements instead of having an all or nothing attitude.
Hey, you have a lot to celebrate! And an "all or nothing attitude," for me at least, is what leads me to give up.

I am working on mini-goals. The first one was simply eating a healthy breakfast every morning. Now I have met my first mini-weight-loss goal (only 7 lbs, but a start), and in my 6th week of rowing twice a week, and am trying to think of something non-food as a reward.
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