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Originally Posted by jaymagblue View Post
Hi all, I need some advice getting over a plateau, it's been a month and I haven't lost a single pound. I tried varying my workouts, increasing intensity and am really watching the calorie intake but nothing seems to work. Maybe I should just stop working out for a while and just concentrate on nutrition? I dunno? I'm kicking ass in the gym but I'm not losing. I'm 20 pounds from my goal weight.
Find out what your maintenance calories is (the amount of calories you would consume to maintain your weight.) You would not lose or gain weight if you are consuming maintenance cals and that sounds like why you are plateauing.
Once you know your maintenance calories, simply deduct 500 cals from that number and stay there (it varies when you lose or gain weight) and work out like hell. The fat should melt off. - Calculate Your Recomended Calorie Intake!
Use this calculator to get your maintenance calories.
Good luck.
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