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Default always hated fish, but wanting to try again

i have never liked fish (except canned tuna). i hate the smell of it. i hate the texture of it. but in the pictures of low cal/low carb recipes, it always looks so good. and i have to pass up so many healthy recipe options that have fish as the main protein.

so my question is, for someone who doesn't like the overpowering fishy smell in the house or the flaky, soft texture of some fishes, what fish should i try? what kind of flavor/texture does tilapia have? i've heard people rave about how good it is, but i'm skeptical to try it. also, i don't grill. i have to be able to cook it in a pan on the stove top or bake it in the oven. it would be super helpful to not just say "try x"...i'm really hoping to get descriptions of the flavors and textures. i've only found one fish in the past that i tolerated well and that was halibut, and i ate it out at a restaurant and have no idea how to cook it or where to buy it. it had more of a firmer texture like other types of meat and the flavor was not fishy, but very mild.

any help that will get me on the fish bandwagon would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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