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Hi Emily, Great to hear you are moving in the >>> right direction! My 2 sisters in law and I did a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge at a local place. It is called the Shake Cafe and they serve all kinds of Metabolife shakes there. I tried one the first time (they said to have it in place of a meal). I swear the thing made me even hungrier. I have to have FOOD! I cannot drink my meals LOL. Anyway I faithfully weighed in each week.

One sister in law did not lose much each week, 1 pound here and a 1/2 pound there. She got really discouraged. I kept trying to tell her that as long as she wasn't GAINING - she was doing great. In the very end - she just stopped trying. So don't stop trying! 11 days is wonderful and 40 lbs lost is nothing to sneeze at.

The holidays are hard but just think how much you can lose between now and the next round of holidays. By that time you will have lost so much you won't want to break the streak you are on and it will be much easier to resist!
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