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Don't stress too much. You don't have to separate them 100%, just use your judgement. i.e., a roll with a hunk of butter, probably not good. Fatty steak and mashed potatoes? Probably not good either. But steak and a side of buttery asparagus, no problem. I consider veggies a "freebie," since they don't have enough starch/sugar to cause serious insulin disturbances; you can eat them till you're blue in the face and you still won't spike your insulin the way rice will. You could probably space cake and steak a few hours apart and be alright.

With protein, you can eat it with carb or fat, just be sure to eat it with something because the body has a hard time absorbing plain protein. It's called "rabbit starvation," and it comes from times when explorers in the arctic ate tons of lean rabbit meat and still managed to show signs of starvation.

I'm a grazer too but I've replaced all the cookies and crackers in my apartment with almonds, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, and jerky. This stuff keeps me fairly not hungry (notice how I said not hungry, not "full") throughout the day.

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