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Your body and your mind are just recovering from this shock and remember to be kind to yourself as well as taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle. In the long term you want a good healthy lifestyle and to lose 140 pounds you are looking at long term. Well done for making this change and good luck, you have an exciting journey ahead of you.

My body has coped wonderfully for 40+ years with no complications except high blood pressue and then I was diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and rising blood pressure, my knees ached, my back ached, I got depressed and lethargic and could hardly bring myself to do anything. This all seemed to hit within two years so I made that decision to change. I've been overweight and miserable for most of my 40+ years, I still have 40+ years ahead if I'm lucky so this half of my life is going to be different. Fitter, slimmer and most importantly healthier.

So far I've lost half the weight I need to, blood pressure medication is down to 2 tablets from 5, diabetes is under control with no medication, cholesterol is down, I exercise between 3 and 6 times a week depending on work schedule and my endurance has increased, my gym gave me a health test and my internal fat is within national guidelines even though I'm still only halfway to my goal weight.
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