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Hi Nyda, I'm new to FitDay myself. I also have over 100 pounds to lose, and have cut out soda recently. Something that is definitely NOT easy in the house I live in. Speaking from my own experience, water gets easier to drink the more available it is to you. And the less available other options like soda and sugary drinks like kool-aid.

I used to live in Idaho myself and we frequently travel back there. From what I remember of Mountain Home, there is often not a large variety. Perhaps your local grocer carries La Croix water? It's carbonated and flavored. Or you can also get non-flavored. I wouldn't recommend drinking it often but I know that moving away from carbonated drinks is difficult. This could be a fix for that carbonation.

.:Sidenote:. I had recently heard in a podcast that carbonation was actually being considered as another taste. Like salty, sweet, bitter, spicy and umami, carbonation may actually be a taste that we begin to crave. Thus for a lot of people, just dropping carbonated drinks is not as easy as it is for others.

Another option you could try, that someone else mentioned was putting lemon or lime into your water. My dad recently had to cut all soda from his diet. He is dealing with kidney failure and a host of other issues, so the soda had to be severely limited. He now keeps a pitcher of water in the fridge with a cut up lemon in it. Always cold and the lemon gives the water a taste without adding anything he doesn't need.

Finally, you might just want to invest in a water filter if you don't have one all ready. Either a Brita filter with the pitcher, or the faucet connector filter from pur. You should always have bottled water stocked and on hand in case of a natural disaster, but it can become expensive constantly restocking bottled water.

I look forward to seeing more about how you're doing.
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