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hello im new here too.

firstly let me say im sorry to hear your health has suddenly taken a dive and you have required surgery, that is never easy for anyone. *hugs*

i can say from previous experience that sometimes life just takes over and you dont notice what is happening as much as you think you should do, until its "too late" of course. however, you have no seen that things need to be done and you are focussed on doing that... first step done.... you are on your way!
i was 22 stone aged 23 after battling eating issues all my (short) life. my doctor told me i was high risk for health issues but i couldnt shift it. eventually i said to heck with it, left my husband (bad relationship i knew was making it harder) ate nothing but pasta and walked everywhere, within 6 months i was 14 stone and carried on from there with normal diet. i was so happy with myself.
next i knew i was 34, 3 more babies and weight heading right back up again. this time i havent been lucky enough for docs to say "you are at risk", instead i already have serious health issues to deal with.

like i said, life passes us by but we do all get to a point in life where we know we have to do something.
all you can do right now is make sure you are eating the right things to stay healthy and allow yourself to recover, that has to be your priority before the weight loss. exercise what muscles you can without overdoing it (i was advised while on total bed rest to raise a book to a height you can manage, lower and repeat the same as this will help keep muscles active without pushing myself too far)
when you have recovered from your op then you can focus more on the rest of it and you have a great group of people here to turn to for support (as i am finding out)

for now, relax, rest and recover! the more you stress over it, the longer it will take to recover and get started on the hard work

sarah x
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