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Unhappy I've Ruined Myself

I am recovering from surgery for a torn menisucs as well as a serious stress fracture in my tibia. Neither one I can explain by trauma or injury but I am guessing it was my excess weight bearing down on my body day after day.

It is such a sobering thought. I am 140 pounds overweight and with the exception of high blood pressure have managed to beat getting any repercussions from being so out of shape. Until now. I have hobbled myself- the pain had become quite severe and now post surgery I am out of commission for a minimum of 2 weeks- using a walker to get around but only partial weight bearing.

How can a human being allow themselves to get to the point where their body buckles and breaks as mine has done? I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed but mostly I am so upset that I have destroyed my health.

I began a strict eating plan 5 days ago in hopes of giving my body some relief as quickly as possible. I feel very driven by the fix I am in. Every pound I lose will help my body function better and hopefully heal fast.

If anyone else can relate to this I would love to hear from you. I feel a changed person but had to come to this point to make the change. Of course, I have tried countless times before to lose the weight and have succeeded only to regain it, but this time I know I am at a true crossroads. is offline   Reply With Quote