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That does sound very difficult. Do you know how much protein you were eating before the doctor said you had to reduce it? Many of us actually eat way more protein than we need - but imbalanced, so we eat just carbs in the morning and then eat a lot of fatty protein in the evening. If you even out your daily allowance into three meals plus a couple of snacks, you might be able to reduce protein while also keeping your insulin levels on an even keel.

Your strategy of increasing fruits and vegetables sounds really good. The "standard American diet" has WAY too few vegetables. Reading cookbooks for cuisines that are more vegetable-based might be helpful in countering the "you can't eat this" mentality. The Mediterranean diet has a lot of vegies, olive oil (which most people now say is good for us), and some protein. (Think Greek Salad, or ratatouille.) Chinese home cooking also has lots of vegies, some protein and rice and not much sugar. (Stir-fried broccoli with chicken, for example.)

Someplace on You Tube there is an inspiring video by a doctor who relieved her MS symptoms drastically by eating three large plates a day of different kinds of vegetables, plus lean protein. She thinks some of our health problems come from the fact that our diet is deficient in the micro-nutrients we get from a variety of vegetables. Also, high-fiber vegetables help relieve hunger. (When I don't have time for my omelet, but have to get in the car, I take along 2 pieces of string cheese and two sticks of celery. It is a weird-sounding breakfast, but if I just eat the cheese I am still hungry.)

You have a tough row to how, but we are all here for you!
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