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Default Optifast - giving it a try

Oh Geez... I typed a long update and Fitday didn't take my reply and lost it so now I'm starting over .. much more rushed so I'm not late for work.

I will be "officially" beginning the Optifast program through Kaiser this Wednesday. In prepping for it I've cut down my food intake and have begun using the sample Optifast products they gave me so I could determine what I like to make ordering easier. I've thrown out the bad food in my cupboards (chips, cookies, cake mixes, salty crackers, etc) and replaced them with healthier choices.

I'm on the Low Calorie Optifast (not the Very Low Calorie which is all products and max 800 calories / day). I get 1200 calories a day and one real meal which is low fat and max 300 calories (I save that for dinner) plus 3 Optifast servings. Plus I need to drink at least 1/2 gal of water a day (no biggie - I'm a water drinker).

So far, just by cutting back my food intake, making healthier choices, drinking my water, using 2 Optifast products per day I've lost 3.4 lbs in two days. I'm pleased. I know it's probably water weight but I'll take it.

I'll post again after my official weigh in and first meeting with Kaiser.

Female 5'7"
SW: 259.2 BMI 40.60 8/4/12
CW: 255.8 BMI 40.06 8/6/12
GW: 210.0 BMI 35.0 12/4/12

WL: 3.4 lbs
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