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Originally Posted by asantesoul View Post
instead use a product such as, "dreamfields" pasta.. its 41 grams of carbs, but only 5 are digestible while the opther 36 grams of carbs are indigestible cellulose fiber (laymans; there is only 5 grams of carbohydrates your body will absorb, the other 36 doesnt get absorbed)... by making this easy swap you can enjou pasta's to your heart's content! It is low glycemic, and tastes great!
No way. Pasta that tastes good and only has 5 grams digesible carbs? I have searched and searched, but have not found anything like this. The closest I have found was the shiritaki noodles and I could not stomach them at all, the "rubber" texture and strong flavor was the definition of "yuck" to me. I threw the ones I bought out.

I will look for this dreamfields pasta asap. I am an italian on a diet and for me to give up pasta was the hardest thing ever. I eat very, very small amounts a day now (usually a "smart ones" or "healthy choice" single at about 300 cals)

If this pasta is even close to a tolerable replacement, I will thank you forever
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