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Default Optifast - giving it a try

I'm so tired of being fat. It seems I hit 50 and the weight really started to pile on so I met with my Dr and told him I needed help. Years ago I did well on WW but I feel right now I need restriction and a very tight plan to jump start my weight loss.. then I'll work in healthy foods down the road.

My Dr. encouraged me to try Optifast so I'm going to give it a go. I actually begin next Wednesday with my first weigh-in and receive all my products. I went to an introductory meeting last week and they gave me samples of each choice I can have (shakes, bars, soup) so I'll know what to order for my first week.

I'll be on the program for 16 weeks. Each day I get 3 Optifast products (shakes, bars, soup) and 2 snacks and 1 meal. No more than 1250 calories per day. I'm excited to give this a go and my Dr is very encouraging.

I love FitDay and have been using it off and on for the past 3 years. I will track my foods on here to be sure I stay in line and will post my weight loss successes.

Over this past week I've cut down on my food and used some of the sample products to semi begin the program. Just doing that I already lost 2 lbs. I'm going to list my starting weight today where my weight is now (after the 2lb loss). I bet when I get weighed in at my weekly Optifast meeting their scales will weigh me differently so I will change my SW to what ever they show then track weekly by their scales. My first GW will be when the 16 weeks are up. Thats when I hope to reach 210 (just under 3 lbs/week). Once I hit that I'll set another GW as I incorporate more food.

I'm nervous and excited!

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