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Wink A bit late in the game...but here it goes

Hi Bo,

So, I know that this input is really late in the game, and what you've decided is doing well for you, but I thought I'd put my 2 cents in anyways. These are my "tricks"

1 I set 5% goals, because I find them to be more manageable than looking at the big picture, and even a 10% looks daunting on some days!

2 I'm working on my weight, but not obsessing about it. I expect to average a 0.5-1# loss per week, but so far have actually averaged almost 2# per week . I feel that this is healthier than having a drastic drop to quickly... after several nutrition classes I have seen what sudden losses can do to your internal organs, and I personally would rather not end up with stones in almost every organ !

3 I only weigh once a week, on the same day, at the same time. If I weighed at home, it would be first thing in the morning, before consuming anything (including water) and after doing my morning business. Unfortunately for me I weigh in at around 5:30pm, and there are about 30 people around, so that just doesn't work

4 I track on paper instead of online, but that's mostly because I don't have access to a computer on a regular basis, and can't afford a smart phone at this time. I think I would track on paper anyways and log it when I got home because fd seems to be pretty slow in the food log field, but taking a quick look at daily intake can really help to keep you on track. I do make it a point to log in and track my weight ASAP, and I love to see the graph going down with each entry (it's only gone up once since I've started tracking, and that was only about 1#...everyone has an occasional bad week )

5 I don't worry about my calorie, fat, protein, carb, or fiber% right now, but concentrate on eating as much lean protein, produce, and whole grains as possible, only allowing myself an occasional treat along the way. I find this method to be pretty self regulating.

6 I don't have an official workout at this time, but I do walk every day, and get in the pool as often as possible. I'm hoping that I will have the financial and physical ability to improve this soon, but walking is still doing the trick right now.

7 I get together with a friend once a month and do body measurements. My first was on 7/13, and I'd already lost 7" by 8/1...Looking forward to what the tape will say on 9/1. Having the measurement numbers is helpful to look at when the scale isn't moving. Because muscle is denser than fat, if you are losing inches, you know that you are on the right track.

8 Find a way to stay accountable. Most people here use fd as their primary check in and accountability method, but I prefer face to face communication. It's easier for me because I don't have daily access, but it also keeps me honest. If I'm only talking online, I can fudge the numbers a bit and hope to catch up later, but if I'm actually standing in front of someone that just doesn't work.

9 Remember that your program will only work as well as you allow it to, so don't fall back into destructive patterns. I'm proof that you can undo all of your hard work in a very short period of time if you don't stay focused.

10 Comments from people around you can both help and hinder. Make sure that you have a healthy filter in place that only lets the good and encouraging comments through. There will most likely be at least one person around you that will try to sabotage you at every turn. This is usually because they are jealous that you are succeeding where they have failed, or they feel threatened about a possible change in your relationship (losing weight and becoming healthier tends to increase self esteem, and people with healthy self esteem usually don't put up being taken advantage of)

39 YO Female, 5'7"
Join Date 7/6/12
Weight on 6/20/12 = 245.2 / BMI @ 38.4
Current Weight = 187.4 / BMI @ 29.35
Pounds Lost = 57.8 / BMI - 9.05

12/25/13 Goal = 175 / BMI @ 27.41
Pounds to go = 12.4

Inches lost= 26.5

Goal Weight = 150 / BMI @ 23.49
Pounds to go = 37.4

What I've learned along the way:

Just because no one sees it, doesn't mean it doesn't count

If at first you don't succeed... try, try again

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