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Originally Posted by pbrown8591 View Post
My doc says she will prescribe me phentermine in 3 weeks. She is running test and getting my weight. I'll go in every 4 weeks to recheck blood and weigh. I did this back in the 90's when you could get Phen-fen and it worked wonders. Since the Fen is off the market, I'm looking for a substitute for the Serotonin/5HTP component. I'm already on Lexapro so I think that will do the trick. I'm 50 years old and desperate to lose weight for my children and grandchildren. My health sucks because of my weight. Back pain, diverticulitis, etc. I know it's risky, but when I took it last time I could not get any money from the lawsuit because it did not give me any of the problems others had. So, it should not bother me know. AM I CRAZY??
Nope, not crazy. I had a prescription for Phenterimine a couple of years ago when I began my weight loss and it helped tremendously. I didn't have any side effects as long as I didn't take it w/in 4 hours of bed (it is a mild stimulent so it can interfere w/sleep).

Good luck, I am sure that losing the weight will only help with all of the other health problems.
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