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Originally Posted by incognitii View Post
BTW, for what it's worth... my resting heartrate has gone from 89 to 64... so that's a very good thing... have no idea what my blood sugar's doing (I was pre-diabetic), but I'm guessing that it's much better as well.

Shirts are feeling a bit looser... but criminey, throw me a freakin' bone on the weight, already! LOLOL!!!!!!!
If you have increased your exercise level it is likely that you are gaining muscle mass at the same time as losing fat. Since muscle weighs more than fat that could be why the scales are not moving for you. OTOH, you mention that your clothes are fitting better so that is an indication that it is working for you. You should take your measurements once a week and you can log them here in fitday, and even if the scale is moving slowly it will help to keep you motivated to know that you are getting smaller.

Good Luck!

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