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Default Newbie Needs Advice...

Greetings, all... I'm a 54 yo male, mostly sedentary for most of my life, who woke up one day to find that he weighed 262. Mortified is a mild way of putting it. So, I decided to do something about it.

I started walking... 3-3.5mph.. brisk... with the goal of keeping my heartrate over 130 for at least 300 minutes per week. I cut way back on diet soda (I was a hopeless addict... drinking sometimes a gallon+ per day), and drink almost all water now. I also changed my diet to cut out sugar and to conform to the South Beach Phase 2 or at least Phase 3 standards.

Now... after walking 30 straight days... 4.5 miles per day... I weighed myself again (same scales), and found that I had lost a whopping 1 lb.

I told my wife to hide the knives and sharp instruments. I battled through that month... hurt almost constantly, exhausted pretty much continuously, but I did it. Now, I've bumped up my routine to 6 miles per day, and I'm getting more serious about the diet aspect, maintaining a quasi Phase I/Phase II regimen.

Any advice? Comments? Am I doing this all wrong?
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