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Originally Posted by sierra_shadow View Post
I have used fitday for many years, off and on. And I really love the site. But I have a HUGE complaint. I hate having to sign on every time I use it. Is there a way to change my config so I can keep MY computer signed on permanently while other people who want better security will have their sign in time out? And the iPhone app, it is my phone and it is password protected. Why does fitday time out? I am going to wait for fitday to respond to this post and if there is a fix, especially my iPhone timing out, I will give the app 5 stars. If not, it gets 1 star.

Again, I love fitday, it is FAR better than Weightwatchers website at ANY cost. And yet, it is FREE! You give me SO much more data. I know how much protein I had today, and I know how much carb I had 5 years ago! Oh, and it is really time consuming to look back that far but my guess is that most people only care about the last few days. So I guess that is no big deal. But PLEASE fix the sign on issue. Am I the only one who has ever had this problem?

They might change it. But then again the dinosaurs might roam the earth again someday.

This topic has been brought up for at least the last 3 years. TPTB are well aware of it. So what do you think will happen at this point?

Can you say "crickets"??

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