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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Everyone likes different body types. If they didn't then there would be a lot more single people in the world because only body type "A" would be spoken for.

The biggest thing that needs said here is regardless of whether you are losing weight to look good, attract a new mate, fit smaller jeans or whatever your reason....the side effect of that weight loss with be that you are a healthier person. And just to clarify simply being a thin person doesn't guarantee your health either. My own dad is 5'6" and about 155-160lbs. Very average built guy. Very active 60ish man. He has high cholesterol, is borderline diabetic and has had skin cancer. He has never been overweight. Never smoked one cigarette and I have never known him to take a sip of alcohol.

To compare being overweight with being a drug addict is not a very fair comparison. Did a drug addict need to start using drugs to live? Nope...didn't think so. But you do need to eat to live.
Couple things here.

1) No one ever said anything about health guarantees. Thin does not equal healthy, but very overweight NEVER equals healthier.

2) I understand people like different body types, but once again, the great majority prefers fit and healthy.

3) So, because a drug addict makes a bad choice they should be shunned while the person who CHOSE to eat way too much and become obese should be coddled? Because that's exactly what happens in our society. It is not "pc" to shun because of weight, but someone addicted to another substance is ostracized from society. No matter what the excuse, coddling either one of these activities leads to extremely high risk of poor health/death.

This horse has no skin left on it, lol, we have beat it to oblivion. No more arguing for me
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