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I have PCOS as well as Type 2. I have not had a cycle for the last 3 years, which is common for women with PCOS. The real problem is I am in the middle pf my child bearing years with no children yet and I HAVE TO lose weight now. THe only thing that has worked for me is Raspberry Ketones taken with Green Coffee Bean extract. i used to be on Metformin but it made me deathly ill. I was like a zombie. I always had a metallic taste in my mouth and I used to throw up a lot. Metformin is like a GOd-send to women with PCOS but I could not endure. Dr Oz really is saving me. I discovered both a few months ago and I ordered mine from Amazon. The brnad I use works because with with 20 minutes of exercise everyday and a little diet modification, just a little, I have lost over 36 pounds. I have not lost 36 poundsin the entire time sine I was diagnosed in 1999. So I know for a fact it's the ketones and green coffee bean together. People are buying Raspberry Ketones for like $50 buck on the net but at GNC it's like $30 but I use a deal on Amazon where I get both Green Coffee Extract and Raspberry Ketones at the same time for under $27. <link removed>

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