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Default Wow I can spend a lot of time here!

I am an emotional eater!, I like to cook!,, I work hard at both of my jobs an d when frustration get me I turn to food,! maybe comfort? maybe a safe place? I am not sure. however in my latest and hopefully final attempt to gain contraol of myself I am here and have found FD, here is what I have changed, I never eat icecream and don't miss it, I have replaced it with fresh berrys and low fat yogurt and crunchy cerial,

I snack on apples and bananas and other seasonal fruit,

last night I was in the shop cleaning up a mess and the day was begining to get to me, I came inside worked on a other project and found myself getting hungry so the old behavior was creeping in,, I found it and grabbed an apple , I have a rotational peeler slicer old time looking thing and I ate the apple chips and it hit the spot!,, but I had to fight not getting in the truck and getting something I would really not want to eat

thanks for listening
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