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Originally Posted by Lckyman View Post
I've struggled with emotional eating for a long time as well. For me, I had to go so far as to stop carrying cash and credit cards with me so that I wouldn't buy food while I was on the road or at work. That helped. Also, as others have said, buy things that you have to prepare, or that take time to consume. For example, get nuts still in their shell, or any fruit with a tough peel like an orange.

The bigger problem for me, though, was learning emotional regulation without turning to food. That's more of a psychological problem, but you can help by finding different things. Carry a pocket game with you, like a small book of sudoku or other puzzles, something to get your mind off of food when you are stressed. Also, write down 5-minute activities that you can do throughout the day to relieve stress or anxiety you might have. Whenever you feel an urge to soothe with food, pick something off of your list and do that instead. Hope that helps!
Lucky - I liked your idea to carry pocket puzzles, etc. This thread is a bit old, but if you're still there, could you please share some of your other 5 min. activities with us, too?
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