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Originally Posted by Borg-mx5 View Post
These people are still finding mates so weight cannot be a sole determinant under the "laws of attraction".
Once again, I feel my statements are being taken out of context. I never once said that being fit and healthy is a "sole determinant" for attraction, however, I feel it is just as important as confidence is when the majority of the population is concerned.

You mentioned that you do not believe we coddle the very overweight in this country and I couldn't disagree more. Not to offend anyone but a lot of that mentality resides in this very thread. I understand the reasons why so many are overweight, but, like in my case instead of having so many people tell me "oh you look fine"... blah blah (while that same girl then goes and talks up the guy 30-40 pounds lighter than me, lol), I wish people were more truthful... in a respectful way of course, I believe it would serve a good purpose to many.

If you were to take a poll of the 68.3 percent of obese/overweight people you mentioned and asked them 2 questions: 1) would you rather be lighter and more "in shape" and 2) would you rather your partner be fit and in shape or overweight, I don't have to tell you what the majority responses would be. If someone is a drug addict and it is affecting their health do you just say "oh that's just they way they are" or do you try to help them? Obesity kills MANY more people than drugs do a year. To deny the problem is to have your head in the sand and I can admit I did for awhile.

If attraction was the only factor here, then the discussion would be a moot point and not even worth it, but health, in this case is a MAJOR factor also. Constructive criticism instead of saying "well that's just the way we are here in the US because food is everywhere" is a more productive approach in my opinion. I wish someone would have taken that approach in my case months ago....
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