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Cool Diet is great but exercising with Uticaria (excessive hives) is impossible.

Hi all, I have been using this forum now for a little over a week, and I love it. I really wanted to try and add exercise to my low calorie diet, however I have Uticaria. Basically its excessive hives, I get them everyday for as little as 10 minutes or up to two hours +. The cause is all different, heat, stress, spike in adrenalin (sic?). Is there anybody out there that deals with this and knows of any low impact exercise that will help? I have even tried to go slow on the treadmill and within 2-5 minutes I am covered head to toe. Please help, I have heard that pushing through the hives and working out every day can actually get rid of them, but not too sure if that is true or not. Any ideas would help.
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