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Default Ditto for me

Originally Posted by JuneGard View Post
I've been following the Eat to Live plan for about a month. I lost five pounds the first week, but I figure that's because I gave up diet pop. I have not lost anything since. I have been weighing my food, writing down what I eat, I added one hour of exercise, and have lost two tenths of a pound since that first week. I read the book and know there's a couple of things I'm not doing right. I am not eating three meals a day. I've gotten into the habit of eating snacks, so am still doing that. Plus, it's hard to get an entire two pounds of veggies in otherwise. That's the other thing I'm not always doing....eating all the veggies required, but I try. Does anybody have a clue why I'm not losing?
Everyone is different...

I have done ETL and I have done The raw food diet. On both diets I still can not eat unlimited quantities no matter what "they" say.

In order for me to lose on ETL I need to limit my fruit to 4 for a day and limit beans to 1 cup. I allow myself 1 serving of olive oil, 1 starchy veg or grain, one light soy milk daily. No meat, dairy, or bread like products. The only thing I can eat with wild abandon are non starchy veggies.

The more I allow myself to go outside of these guidelines the less weight I lose.
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