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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I totally agree, rp...I dieted unsuccessfully for years with the low fat craze, but after learning to not be afraid of good fats, it's been a much more successful and better experience.

inflames, many places do some pretty good salads in a pinch...would you be able to do that and a small order of fries or a chicken sandwich or something on the side?
I am trying the "good fats" route. I love salads, but I've got to watch that also because the salads I like are topped with all of the bad stuff (cheese, creamy dressing ect...) What I am doing now is a "cleanse" of sorts. It's what I did the first time I lost a lot of weight, I allow myself only 12-1400 calories a day only this time I am eating almost nothing but lean protein, vegetables and fruits and a little bit of dairy. If I reach 1400 calories, I am DONE for the day. I have done this for a week and will probably do it a few more...

I go to the gym quite a bit and if I notice that my energy is lacking (which it isn't yet..) then I may bump it up to 1600 cals. My maintenace cals are supposed to be 22-2400 but my metabolism is HORRIBLE. If I drive by a Burger King I gain 3 pounds. So calorie cuts and portion control is paramount. I really haven't felt hungry at all today and I think my body is getting used to less food.

No cheat days, no fail days. I am 1000% going to do this!

Thanks for all the tips btw... I am taking all of these into account!

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