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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
I have read studies that showed fat will suppress appetite. I try to get my fat intake from lean red meat, olive oil and nuts. Any fat source is calorie dense (9 calories per gram) but including healthy fats in your diet can actually reduce or eliminate your cravings. I believe this is one of the reasons so many people that buy into the fat free diet are always hungry. I will eat about 10 raw almonds if I have cravings and that is usually all it takes! Hope this helps!
I totally agree, rp...I dieted unsuccessfully for years with the low fat craze, but after learning to not be afraid of good fats, it's been a much more successful and better experience.

inflames, many places do some pretty good salads in a pinch...would you be able to do that and a small order of fries or a chicken sandwich or something on the side?

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