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Gives me hope - I had my "Let's get honest" moment with myself this morning. After losing 22 lbs a couple of years ago, I've gained back 4 lbs since last year, 2 lbs since April this year. Time to get real and clean up the diet - you are right, logging what I am actually eating makes all the difference. It comes down to calories, and being honest with myself. I have let a lot of little "treat" here there things creep back in - time to STOP.

Especially since I want to lose another 5-10 on the other side of this little gain. So upgrading the workout again, too - more weights and intervals. I'm tired of long slow cardio.

It's astounding, though, to read about people losing 2 or 3 or 5 pounds in ONE WEEK. I have never lost that fast. That's why 4 lbs is such a big deal - it may take me 4 weeks to get it off. <CURSING LOUDLY RIGHT HERE!>

Time to get at it! Best of luck to you!
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