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I'm sorry to read that your mother died. That would derail a diet; while grieving, the last thing on your mind is calories.

I go to WW. I do have cravings for certain foods, but I have found ways to work them into my limit of calories. For fast food, I get McD's Cheeseburger Happy Meal - the new version, that has apple slices and a very small order of french fries. The meal is fewer calories than before, but still, I try to save that fast food indulgence for really stressful days when my will power is wobbly. Then I do better if I eat it when I get home. If I eat it at McD's, or while driving, I'm tempted to go back and get another. Also, I try to eat it very slowly. If I'm at home, I can supplement with some cooked vegetables and some more fruit for dessert.

I eat Lay's Original low-fat potato chips (made with Olestra). The Olestra has never bothered me (it does give some people mild stomach upset, but this is not that common). It is crunchy and as close to a real potato chip experience as I can get. Again, I save it for days when I'm having a hard time controlling my diet, disorganized, stressed.

For dessert, I have cut fresh fruit with some Splenda and low-fat milk.

Those are my indulgences. I keep an eye on 'fiber' on the food labels and I try to eat as much fiber as I can, as a part of food, not as a supplement. It makes my meals very filling. I eat a lot less meat, so that makes my cheeseburger an extra special treat!

Good luck with the diet! You can do it (you did it before, you can do it again...)
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