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Ok. Reading through most of these posts and regarding the way overweight people (both men AND women) are treated by the opposite sex is clearly evident. Being a guy that was 220 at one point and getting down to 150 ( I am now back up to 200 or as I like to call it the "she's not interested weight class) the weight itself is HUGE in the way either sex will treat or react to the other. Yes confidence plays a part, a pretty big part but weight plays a huge part also and for most people confidence is directly related to weight.

Everyone, men and women are attracted to fit, healthy bodies and that's the way it should be. Healthy should be a goal. It is for me and that is why I'm here. I was MUCH happier, confident and wanted when I was at a fit weight. Now I don't advocate treating anyone badly, as hope that I never do... but the laws of attraction are pretty clear, that both weight AND confidence play major roles in the way people are treated by others. To say that this practice is limited to just men is absolutely wrong as I can testify first hand ...
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