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Lightbulb 1 Week Diet

For a few months I'd been following my own roughly low carb (not Atkins) diet that involved lean meat, eggs, salad and no sugar as well as exercise to try to lose weight but I had a slip up where I spent a month eating whatever thinking 'I'll start again tomorrow'. I'm not making excuses because ultimately it was up to me to stay strong but it kind of happened because I got stuck on a plateau for ages before mysteriously putting on a couple of pounds.

I had really been trying so hard so I felt really miserable about it and having watched my fianc continue eating cakes, sweets etc the whole time I just kind of ended up giving in and thought I'd have a day or two break from it and eat some nice things as a treat.

Anyway... I eventually realised what I was doing and got back on the diet but now it's less than a week until my dress fitting and I'm currently still 21lbs above my target weight.

Out of desperation I found this 1 week diet thing and although it's by no means a long term solution (I intend to go back to healthy eating and exercise after this week) and I doubt I'll actually lose a full stone, I'm just desperate to try to drop whatever weight I can before 3rd August so I'll try anything right now.

So far I'm on day 2 and I've went from 157lb to 155lb. I realise this could just be water weight but I'm trying to stay positive as my mood can really affect how I lose weight. I'm also continuing with daily exercise - whatever I can manage whether it's yoga, muscle toning or cardio.

I'll keep you all posted on how it goes and whether it actually works.

I'm hoping that not only will posting on here keep me motivated but it will also provide handy info for anyone else considering this diet for emergencies such as mine.

By the way, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to the diet plan so I haven't yet - please can someone let me know if this is allowed or if I should just post the rules of the diet itself?
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