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this is a general mind set question, having so much to loose I thought for me , my goals have to be realistic , measurable and atainable, this is not new!, so I am looking at my journey in small steps/ blocks of weight gone, so at having 185# to loose should I make my goals TEN steps of 18.5 or EIGHTTEEN steps of 10?? please post up, this is very important to me !

Hi B - These are mind tricks I've used. 1) I have 5 pound goals. They're quicker to reach. Less overwhelming. Doable. 2) Daily, I look at the 'Calorie Balance' graph below the 'food log'. Visual evidence of staying within the daily food goal. 3) I DO NOT EVER permanently record any weight gain. Keep it on a sticky note. And I immediately record EVERY weight loss. My scale measures two-tenths of a pound. (I found permanently recording weight gains gets me going in a negative spiral.) 4)Visually seeing my past progress is motivating. More so than numbers. I look at the "Reports" charts and graphs regularily. Ones that motivate me - 'Trends- Calories Eaten vs Calories Burned-Calories Burned Ovetime' and 'Weight-Weight Change'. The little five pound goals add up to impressive visuals. Good luck to you B

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