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My biggest motivator in sticking to my low-carb plan is seeing the numbers on the glucometer when I take my blood sugar. I went from insanely high readings (18.0, 19.0) to readings of 5 and 6 within 24 hours of cutting out all the starch, sugar, wheat, flour, pasta, rice, etc. out of my diet. My readings continue to be near normal, and I have gone from 3 diabetes meds (and the threat of having to go on insulin) to one med.

I do have days where I have something off plan (I was at an 80th birthday party a week ago and did have a piece of cake - I made sure it was an inside piece, and I didn't chow down on any of the chips, sandwiches or other high-carb goodies they served), but I promptly go right back on plan and my readings have continued to stay low.

I have been lucky in that I am not craving bread, pasta or sweets, I think cutting them out completely has helped with that, and I have lost 8 lbs. in the past 2 months. could have been more but I have been experimenting a little with low-carb recipes and eating lifestyle. This is a permanent change and I have to learn how to live within a certain range of carbs if I want to keep having good results on the glucometer. BTW, my dr. is thrilled and I am actually looking forward to seeing my 3 month A1c results when I go on Aug. 7.

You can do this, and if your family and friends are not supportive in the beginning you can vent here. I think they will change when they see that you are committed to improving your health. I see that one of our frequent posters has started a new thread in the food talk forum for low-carb recipes you might look there for ideas.

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