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Originally Posted by mdrl View Post
I've been exercising and dieting, and the first two weeks I lost 6 pounds, but then I've been stuck. It's really frustrating makes me want to give

Starting weight was 164
Now 157
Height 5"5
Female, 18 years old

I work for 1.5 hours a day and go 5 times a week, and I ride my bike to the gym and back home which is 1.5 miles away so its 15-20 minute ride

I usually eat 800-1200 calories a day
I guess you have to loosen up a bit. Maybe there's nothing wrong with your exercise routine but there is with your other activities. Might be you're too stressed on other things then you do exercise. Stress is one contributor of getting no good results in something you want to achieve. I had the same experience when I studied internal medicine for a few years. I got back in losing weight fast after I got through with my studies.
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