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I would not advocate any form of drastic change due to your weight loss slowing for "a couple of days". Your weight will fluctuate due to many things on a daily basis including how much water you might be retaining.

It's possible that you are eating too few calories. I know that this sounds counter intuitive but your body will start to burn muscle instead of fat if it isn't getting enough calories. Muscle consumes more energy so if the body can burn some it will preserve itself. 1000 calories of muscle burn will weigh a lot less than 1000 Calories of fat burn so burning muscle will slow down your weight loss. Eating just a few more calories might get you back into balance and start burning off fat instead. For me (and it seems from comments, this goes for others too) a calorie balance of more than around 1200 calories per day can lead to the body going into preservation mode.
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