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Originally Posted by *Becky View Post
I agree that our body is a temple, specifically the temple of the Holy Spirit. And seeing the spiritual aspect of it helps to keep us motivated and have a deeper reason. We must care for the temple.

However, I also feel that God is a God who wants us to be happy, to be healthy, to enjoy a good life. And so we care for ourselves not just because we are a temple, but because God believes that as human beings we are important enough to care for ourselves. We are valuable to Him, and therefore we must care for ourselves.

To see it only as a way for us to 'care for the temple' than we aren't caring for ourselves. For so long I have practiced spirituality and cared for spiritual things, but those did not involve my self worth. I think that if you're going to become spiritual about weight loss, than you must know that it isn't just a religious tradition or ritual to please God, but it is because God cares for our well being and in His eyes we are valuable and He wants the best for us.

Religious traditions, especially dietary restrictions, have been a huge part of spiritual rituals. And although I believe those restrictions were for the well being of the people -especially those found in the Torah concerning the people of Israel - I believe people have made rituals and traditions as rules to be accepted by God. Rather, I believe God has placed those rituals and traditions because he wants more for us and wants to protect us.

So if you're going to use spirituality as a means to help you stick to the program, then make sure it is because you are learning the value that you have in the eyes of God, and not because you must follow rules and regulations to become closer to Him.
Very well put !, fasting and prayer are things I feel are essential, but our modern word has inched away from them. I know for myself I thought I was in contorl and then my world came crashing down around me!. My wife of 27 years left me, my health began to fail, and I went insearch of what I should do!, I did not want to take up any destructive behavior, alcohal abuse is in may family and I believe it is hereditary, I never fooled with drugs, and I am a cradle Catholic (born into the faith) so I went to church, and I prayed hard, I was to meet a very gifted priest who must have seen what I was carring and he reached out to me, fo over six weeks of Sunday mass, he tried to get me to open a dialog with him but I fought back thinking I could deal with the pain by myself, I was wrong and when I finally agreed to let him help me I began to regain who I was and what I was here to do. I began to attend daily Mass and still do. I serve mass and handle the job of sacristin, for the daily mass. This Priest has moved on to another parish and we speak often. in short without the details he led me back to the Holy Spirit and it has giuded me on this weight loss journey, I hope I can help others,,

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